Dear collegues,dear friends,dear associates

Let e,on my behalf,on behalf of my associates,on behalf of the A GP/FM SEE,greet you and congratulate you on May 19 – World Family Doctor’s Day,wishing you the best in life and above all,good health to you and your family,in this situation of a pandemic with COVID-19 in front of which the General and Faily Doctor from all SEE and the world is faced and corrected.


The problem your face is very big,with a lot of strangers,a lot of challenges,a lot of incertaintles and of cours a lot of work.But,I am deeply convinced that this challenge that you are all facing will be overcome,because you have professional knowledge and experience.

You have shown that even in these conditions,in this time-storm,you are in the fore front and all for the good of your patients.This time,as before,it was proved that the PHC is the first to be hit,and the cooperation with the secondary and tertiary health care should be improved and upraded.

The exchange of experiences,ideas and opinions with the member states of the Association contributes a lot to the expansion of our visions and knowledge,not to mention the cooperation with the Wonca Europe.

Before you are greet challenges and great work,and above all mental illness,which in the future will be on the rise,domestic violence,the danger of foodshortages,air pollution and cliam changete.Therefore,only with your cohesion uniqueness,cooperation and respect and with other will succeed.

I wish you successful work and victory in it,and of course the realization of your dreams,desires and status in the country thtoush cooperation,with states institutions,other professional organizations,WHO offices,Association , WONCA Europe and etc.But,we should not forget about KME,which is imperative for all of us.

Congratulations and Happy May 19-World Family Doctors Day,stay in good health and be proud of your work,expertise and knowledge.



Prim.d-r Ljubin Sukriev

President of A GP/FM SEE