After 6 years, Wonca Rural Health Conference is returning to Europe and the Mediterranean. The Conference will be held in Dubrovnik – the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, which is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.Dubrovnik is situated in the south of Croatia, the cradle of general practice. Most of you are probably unaware that one of the cofounders of WHO, Andrija Štampar, was born and lived in Croatia. During this Conference, we would like to look back at his work, among other things, which could serve as an inspiration to us all.

WONCA Rural Health Conference – Dubrovnik 2015

From 1990′s this part of Europe was unfortunately featured in media due to horrors of war suffered by Croatia and neighboring Bosnia & Herzegovina. 20 years after the war, life is returning to normal, although not all wounds have healed. Through this Conference, titled “Breaking down barriers, bringing people together”, we wish to show that all problems existing in rural medicine can be resolved with combined strength of people dedicated to improving the lives of population in rural areas.Croatian Coordination of Family Physicians – KoHOM is a young, professional organization whose membership has shown that enthusiasm and unity can overcome the biggest obstacles. Therefore we wish for this Conference to take place in the spirit of cooperation, enthusiasm, socialization and good fun.We wish a very pleasant and joyful stay to you all in Dubrovnik, Croatia President of the Organising Committee Tanja Pekez Pavlisko President of KoHOM and Scientific Committee Ines Balint